Monday, August 30, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

Influential, that's it! They're the kind of blogs which influence me and my life for a number of things. Here's my list and the reason why they are the blogs I follow:

1. Ganda Ever So Much - My daily dose of laughter, serious information and insightful read. My daily caffeine partner!

2. Kikay Much! - Ladies, be prepared! She flaunts a good aura in all ways, she's one of the best beauty blogs I have stumbled upon.

3. Kusina ni Maria - Where did I get my beef stew recipe? Only here in this blog, gastronomic pleasures she can share! And the thing is, this is where I snag my pachamba dishes, only, it gets better with her instructions.

4. Gensan Gems - Aside from her adventurous stay here in Gensan, she is my neighbor whom I can turn to when it comes to everything "kitchen" and "pasta". Her experiences are worth re-telling!

5. Alexis Chua - He is young and intelligent, and his blog is worth a visit each time he's got new stuffs to share. His posts are made from a genius mind, brilliantly written from the heart.

6. Digital Exposures - Truly a vice, his addiction to his camera and the photographs he makes is just second to his love for Ligaya, errr, and the bones... A good read because of the good pictures he flaunts!

7. Ako si Rabsky - Emo, he may be, but he writes his thoughts like a pro- yeah, a professional emo, hahaha. Kidding aside, this cutesy lanky guy has an imagination of a genius, his creative ways are reasons enough to nominate him.

8. Get Prettified - Am not the kikay type, but I'd sure like to get tips from her, especially on facial colors. Do I get me a makeup kit with this? Hehehe...

9. Klikha - A new way to share your photo shots! He does love his new camera, upgraded from a point and shoot, he's already clicked the shutter 5000 times!

10. Plurk Designs - Lyle's plurk designs is where I snag my plurk themes. So much for lurking!

So there! That's my top ten, there's really more but since we need to nominate only ten, here's my take! If you want to check out the other influential blogs, check it here.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

My Take on Jejemons

What exactly is a jejemon?

Urban Dictionary defines a jejemon as a person:

1) Usually seen around social networking sites such as Friendster and Multiply, jejemons are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. Normal people like you and me must take a Bachelor of Arts in Jejetyping in order to understand said individuals, as deciphering their text would cause a lot of frustration and hair pulling. CAUTION: THESE INDIVIDUALS ARE BREEDING! THEY CAN BE SEEN WRECKING GRAMMATICAL HAVOC ON FACEBOOK TOO!

2) Jejemons are not just confined to trying-hard Filipino gangsters and emos. A Jejemon can also include a variety of Latino-Hispanic fags who enjoy typing "jejejejeje" in a wider context, much to the disdain of their opponents in an internet MMORPG game such as Ragnarok and DOTA.

3) Basically anyone with a low tolerance in correct punctuation, syntax and grammar. Jejemons are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways.

EoW pFuOh!
I cannot understand their language, and they just plain piss me off. Why would someone on his right state of mind send me an SMS that can be simply spelled into hello, go to the extent of extending the word into a jumble more of letters?

DepEd should do something about this. This has been discussed on a lot of forums already but by the way it looks, there are more students and teens who are enticed to spell the way jejemons do. This is just not right. I can simply wonder at the jejemons' creative way of spelling stuffs, but i pity the teachers who, admittedly, can be affected by way of jejemons' world.

When i was in school, (God bless the teachers in KNCHS) we were taught of the freedom of speech, and how we can creatively write, but we were also taught to spell words the right way. There are of course, spelling notebooks and daily spelling tests that I dread, but this stuffs were my stepping stones to where I am now. Today, I work as editor of a local publishing company, checking spellings, and other stuffs related to books. I find time reading and re-writing but I admit, I never would want to edit a jejemon manuscript. It will surely be a pain in the *ss.

I cannot imagine myself reading one too, it will give me migraine.

I know these jejemons are only creating a world where they can belong, but for sure, it is for me, an alien language. Freedoms of speech is freedom of speech, but no, our freedom does not allow us to change the spellings of words, much more, extend them to crazy additional zzzhhhjjjj.

Hayyyy, for crying out loud, please jejemons, speak or write properly.

Do I qualify myself as a jeje-buster now?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Homonyms, Heteronyms

Homographs are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. Heteronyms are a type of homographs that are also spelled the same and have different meanings but sound different.

Here are some samples:


1. to separate into pieces
2. to rest or pause
3. to interrupt something temporarily


1. a musical sound
2. a short letter or message
3. a hint or suggestion of something


1. the part of the body
2. the leader or the director


1. administer or run something
2. cope in difficult situation
3. be somebody's manager

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christian Bautista and His "Constant Change" Concert in GSC

Guess who's coming to General Santos City!

Right, the man! Christian Bautista!

Placing him on the 4th spot for Star in A Million made him grope his way to being popular. And I even thought the judges were all wrong to place him 4th, he could have been on the top 2 spots. The voice, the ballad coming from him are 2 very awesome things one will get if he intently listens.

I have never really been a fan of pop songs and Pinoy ballads, maybe because I have never much liked the way Pinoy ballads are sung, but imagine the fact that you will be listening to Christian Bautista with his slow and engaging voice sing Jose Mar Chan's ever popular love songs is just one major reason why I need to see him perform.

Jose Mari Chan is my favorite ever, and while he has been here in General Santos City many moons ago, I still want him to come back and regal us with his songs of eternal love. However, I cannot, just like that, request for him to be back any minute, so I guess I have Christian Bautista to sing Jose Mari Chan songs for me in the meantime. And sure enough, he is coming, and soon!

On Friday, April 23 at Lagao Gym at 7pm, Christian Bautista will be serenading us with his ballads, entitled "Constant Change", obviously you'd know he will be wowing us with his version of Jose Mari Chan's most popular love songs including Constant Change, Tell Me Your Name, the latest Ninoy love tribute to Cory: I Have Fallen In Love with The Same Woman (Three Times), and whole lot more.

This concert is brought to us by the ever famous Gensan News Online Mag, Drumbeat Ventures, Starbright Office Depot, Vertical Builders, DGO Depot and the Office of the City Mayor in Gensan.

Prasia and selected local artists will be with him during the concert and for a fact, this concert will benefit People's Advancement through Leadership and Management Inc.

And hey, one trivia here, did you know that Christian Bautista is a landscape architect? He is, and one from UP Diliman.

For more info on this contest, please click this link.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

On Criticism

v. to crush with criticism.

Sometimes, we squabash people because we think we have every reason to do it. But I say, it ends to nothing. I still say, I would rather confront the people that concerns me, and not let out steam upon other people who barely know anything, or if they do know, would rather shut up.

Our mouths may be dirty because of the things we say, but if we want progress, get this!

What could be better than honesty and praying that life is better everyday?