Monday, August 30, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs

Influential, that's it! They're the kind of blogs which influence me and my life for a number of things. Here's my list and the reason why they are the blogs I follow:

1. Ganda Ever So Much - My daily dose of laughter, serious information and insightful read. My daily caffeine partner!

2. Kikay Much! - Ladies, be prepared! She flaunts a good aura in all ways, she's one of the best beauty blogs I have stumbled upon.

3. Kusina ni Maria - Where did I get my beef stew recipe? Only here in this blog, gastronomic pleasures she can share! And the thing is, this is where I snag my pachamba dishes, only, it gets better with her instructions.

4. Gensan Gems - Aside from her adventurous stay here in Gensan, she is my neighbor whom I can turn to when it comes to everything "kitchen" and "pasta". Her experiences are worth re-telling!

5. Alexis Chua - He is young and intelligent, and his blog is worth a visit each time he's got new stuffs to share. His posts are made from a genius mind, brilliantly written from the heart.

6. Digital Exposures - Truly a vice, his addiction to his camera and the photographs he makes is just second to his love for Ligaya, errr, and the bones... A good read because of the good pictures he flaunts!

7. Ako si Rabsky - Emo, he may be, but he writes his thoughts like a pro- yeah, a professional emo, hahaha. Kidding aside, this cutesy lanky guy has an imagination of a genius, his creative ways are reasons enough to nominate him.

8. Get Prettified - Am not the kikay type, but I'd sure like to get tips from her, especially on facial colors. Do I get me a makeup kit with this? Hehehe...

9. Klikha - A new way to share your photo shots! He does love his new camera, upgraded from a point and shoot, he's already clicked the shutter 5000 times!

10. Plurk Designs - Lyle's plurk designs is where I snag my plurk themes. So much for lurking!

So there! That's my top ten, there's really more but since we need to nominate only ten, here's my take! If you want to check out the other influential blogs, check it here.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    More recipes soon! :)

  2. thank you thank you ate sheng!!! big big HUG!!! :) mwah

  3. Thanks Sheng!

    Photo finish ged!


  4. salamat ged sheng!! love u 2 da max!

  5. Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D

  6. Sheng Salamat!Mana lang ako kay kyaw!

  7. Great entry:) thank you for giving me another list of bloggers to follow..Life is good:)