Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My 5 Sarah Geronimo Reason for Jitters


adj. wholly devoted to the seeking of enjoyment

Pasko sa Gensan, as I have mentioned earlier is starting off with lined up activities prepared by the Local Government of the city. And Pasko sa Gensan has always excited me because of so many reasons. We have the lighted trees, the flea market which frequents the City Oval during Christmas time, and the kids who always ask me to bring them to the festivities lined up.

Christmas has always been for the kids, but what is good is that, Christmas in Gensan starts up with an event not only for the kids but as well for the adults.


Sarah Geronimo: The Next One Concert
Philippine Tour 2009

Friday, December 11, 8pm
Lagao Gym, Gensan

Click pic to enlarge.

Dreamwork Ventures is at it again, giving an entertaining Friday to the residents of Gensan. And what do you know, the ever generous sponsor for this contest is the one who has made me watch Air Supply, David Pomeranz, and Side A Concerts for free...thanks Mr. Michael Wee.

Weeeee, yes, another concert for the generals. And thanks also to Gensan News Online Mag who keeps coming up with generous blog contests like this.

Now, as to the 5 reasons why you and I should watch the Sarah Geronimo: The Next One Concert in Gensan:

1: I have always been a follower of Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo, born July 25, 1988 and was the youngest singer during the "Star for A Night" reality-based show hosted by Regine Velasquez.

2. Being a mother, I love how my kids react and sing to the tunes of Sarah's songs. She also starred in her soap opera Sarah: The teen Princess. This makes me envious of her achievements and through her as my inspiration, I have been patient with my daughter in singing lullabies as I want her to become a singer too. My daughter loves Sarah, and when she watches ASAP, her eyes are glued to the screen when Sarah comes onstage.

3. Forever's Not Enough is one of my favorite songs, it tells of the love of one to someone even until forever but it can't be enough to show how much one loves the other. Here's part of the psalm I want to share with you:

If i would have to live my life again
I'd stay in love with you the way I've been
Your love is something no one ever can replace
I can't imagine life with someone else

I promise, I will share my life with you
Forever may not be enough it's true
My heart is filled with so much love I feel for you
No words can say how much I love you so.

4: Have you noticed how she dances and sings her heart out in ASAP? I want to feel that jive, the energy and the love she puts on her every song. She is one cool performer. For me, she equals the likes of J. Lo, Britney Spears, and Madonna.

5. The Next One Concert is one thing I have long waited for. Ever since it has been announced in the Air Supply Concert. What say you? Billy Crawford, Jay-R, Mark Bautista is part of the concert! Couldn't ask for more!

This blog contest is actually the only thing that keeps us bloggers to a healthy competition, but after this, the laughter and the fun of being together once more, enjoying life, unwinding, relieving the stress that eats us up day by day. So this next thing will surely keep us back to good senses.

Thanks to other sponsors who have been paving this next thing for the apolaustic Generals! Our gratitude!

How often could great performers visit Gensan and give a concert? Ask Dreamwork Ventures, they do miracles like this!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Coca-Cola Tigers vs. Talk n Text Tropang Texters in Gensan!


a show of skills, especially hand tricks

Pasko sa Gensan starts early and to commence, the Local Government of General Santos City has brought to the residents a gift one could not refuse. Basketball enthusiasts, be thrilled! Although I have long been over with the Alaska and Ginebra thing, this one's something to watch out for.


This December 5, Saturday, these two teams will clash in the court of Lagao Gym, 5:00 pm.

There will be the Koronadal man, Kenneth Duremdes, and Francis Allera who hails from our very own city. They play for the Coke Tigers, but surely, the Texters won't just watch the game with the Tigers winning, they will surely play, and hard.

This blog contest for Pasko sa Gensan's start of lined up activities, is brought to us by the Philippine Basketball Association thru the generous effort of Gensan News Online Mag, who is friends with the also generous sponsor: Mr. Clement Asencio of PaperView Office and School Supplies.

Let's watch this legerdemain these guys will be exhibiting for us. Palagi na lang tayong boxing, iba naman!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Riant = Smiling

I love him here with his riant face.

He looked so gorgeously hunky here, and I love how his face shows off a riant attitude. Edward, oh Edward, yours is the face I wanted to see, wanted to touch so tenderly. Haha.

riant: adj. smiling

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me: Pinguid or Not?

Many people say I am, at least those who knew me since high school and college say I became fuller.

Yes, I only weighed 40 kilos when i was in my single days. And now that I got 2 kids, that made me gain weight, in fact, an additional 15 kilos.

I can't say I'm pinguid , i guess just became fuller.

See for yourself, face only!
Fat or not?

pinguid: fatty, containing a lot oil, grease or fat.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, I just learned that there really is a term for one who makes up new words. I thought making up new words is just caused by some troubling inside us, that makes us create a word and put some meaning to it.

I love new words, and learning a new one everyday is a challenge to me. That's one way of enriching your vocabulary.

One who makes up new words is called a neologist. Some of my friends are neologists too, especially gay ones, hehe. So, are you a neologist too?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been really busy this week and the past and will be busy again next week, and will have shorter weekends. Thus, I have learned my lesson for the past weeks, never perendinate. Yes, because I slept through all my pending stuffs and when today is the week the IDs are needed by the schools, I make a rush effort to finish them all and reward myself with pesos, yes, pesos, not dollars! The work is too tiring, yes, but after that I'm done with this, more money for the savings. But please, let me get this over with, soon.

The lesson, do not procrastinate!

perendinate: same as procrastinate

to put off until the day after tomorrow, to keep postponing from day to day.

Monday, August 10, 2009


The four honor guards during the Cory funeral is deserving of the izzat the public is giving them.

iz·zat [ízzet]

honor: the honor, prestige or reputation of a person, organization, or institution

So, ladies and gentlemen, what can you do to give izzat to the country? Having a 1 million priced meal when all the country is groping for what food to place on their tables? Izzat any good?

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Most of us, if not all, read papers, books, and listen to stories, and even speeches.

It is but a wonder how people love stories, but some, me for example do not enjoy stories with too much gobbledygook. Well, I am actually thinking of the SONA, Arroyo has said too much of a gobbledygook on her speech rather than letting the people know the real state of the nation.

Agree or disagree?


gob·ble·dy·gook [góbb'ldee gook]
or gob·ble·de·gook [góbb'ldee gook]

nonsense or jargon: language that is difficult or impossible to understand, especially nonsense or technical jargon (informal)

  • This manual is full of gobbledygook.

  • Wednesday, August 5, 2009


    Hello guys, as you all know I am a bibliobibuli. Reading is my passion, and not only because it is associated with my work, it is also my most dependable stress-reliever, and books are my best friends.

    Reading a lot of books, workbooks, textbooks, love stories and a lot more, I always encounter words that I have only read, only heard. But while encountering them, I do not make it a point to look up the meaning of it, since oftentimes, I don't have the time.

    But since many of my friends asked for it, here's a blog to share these words to you, so you may know too what they mean, and in the future use them.

    A word a day will suffice eh?

    Let's start the ball rolling then...

    bibliobibuli: one who reads too much.

    Are you a biliobibuli?

    Because I am.