Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bridal Diet = Briet


n. A diet that a bride uses to lose weight before her wedding day. [Bridal + diet.]

Haha, there, that word! Well, for those who are desperate enough to lose weight, we always have to bear in mind that we need to do "briet". The bridal diet is one kind of diet where we would want to be back to our old self, I mean the old body, the slimmer, sexy body.

A bride must be very beautiful and very slim and sexy on her wedding day, thus, she has to do the briet. And we too, must be inspired to be back to our bridal gown fitness in order to please our husbands and other people too, and practice proper lifestyle. Thus, the briet. But we must be careful on how we do this "briet".

I say you just exercise, and slow down on eating and sleep enough.

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