Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hello guys, as you all know I am a bibliobibuli. Reading is my passion, and not only because it is associated with my work, it is also my most dependable stress-reliever, and books are my best friends.

Reading a lot of books, workbooks, textbooks, love stories and a lot more, I always encounter words that I have only read, only heard. But while encountering them, I do not make it a point to look up the meaning of it, since oftentimes, I don't have the time.

But since many of my friends asked for it, here's a blog to share these words to you, so you may know too what they mean, and in the future use them.

A word a day will suffice eh?

Let's start the ball rolling then...

bibliobibuli: one who reads too much.

Are you a biliobibuli?

Because I am.


  1. I know some folks who are bubulis... :D

  2. im a mouse potato ... sometimes :)

  3. sounds like a tongue twister eh lol, but it sure is a vocabulary help. :)

  4. I want to be a bibliobibuli...but I can't find the time.