Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been really busy this week and the past and will be busy again next week, and will have shorter weekends. Thus, I have learned my lesson for the past weeks, never perendinate. Yes, because I slept through all my pending stuffs and when today is the week the IDs are needed by the schools, I make a rush effort to finish them all and reward myself with pesos, yes, pesos, not dollars! The work is too tiring, yes, but after that I'm done with this, more money for the savings. But please, let me get this over with, soon.

The lesson, do not procrastinate!

perendinate: same as procrastinate

to put off until the day after tomorrow, to keep postponing from day to day.

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  1. ang lalim naman. perendinate parehong thesame lang ng procrastinate?