Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me: Pinguid or Not?

Many people say I am, at least those who knew me since high school and college say I became fuller.

Yes, I only weighed 40 kilos when i was in my single days. And now that I got 2 kids, that made me gain weight, in fact, an additional 15 kilos.

I can't say I'm pinguid , i guess just became fuller.

See for yourself, face only!
Fat or not?

pinguid: fatty, containing a lot oil, grease or fat.


  1. when it comes to questions like this (esp if its your wife or girlfriend asking) the correct and safest answer is always: "of course you are not fat honey", that is if you are concerned with your own health LOL!

  2. hahahaha, that's so funny @lantaw...very safe indeed, kaso walang pakundangang sasabihin sa akin ni R: yes you are FAT!